The Revolution Collective

The Revolution Collective is an organization focused on understanding the current state of innovation across the globe through insights from innovators worldwide in an effort to further enable individuals, enterprises, and communities to deepen connections with one another, with their passions, and ultimately enhance their impact on the world.

In 2017, the project will engage with communities of innovation spanning twelve cities, in ten countries across South America, Europe, and Asia.  

At our core, we’re looking to accomplish several goals through this work:

-       Create a story of how innovation happens around the world, using real data

-       Connect individuals locally and globally to a powerful network of change agents

-       Provide innovators with tools and resources to deepen their innovative behaviors

-       Understand the challenges, priorities, and key motivators of today’s innovators on a macro and micro scale

-       Partner with companies, non-profit organizations, academia, and political systems to enhance their understanding of local and global innovation practices, as well as the needs of the individuals within their innovation ecosystems in order to bring more success and growth to innovation across the globe