After spending a decade in the tech industry, designing and implementing ecosystems of innovation, Erin became fascinated with how innovation happens—and the potential it unleashes—for individuals, organizations, and communities of all kinds. 

In November, Erin stepped away from her career in tech and dedicated herself fully to following her dream. 2017 for her will be an international nomadic existence, traveling the globe as she writes a book (among other things) about this beautiful, complex time in which we live.  With the support of the Remote Year program, Erin will be living in a different city around the world every month for the next year, with eighty other "digital nomads." 

You can follow Erin on Instagram @mcganne or feel free to leave a comment on the blog, follow on Twitter @erinmcgann, or connect on LinkedIn.

Erin is always looking for collaborators, partners, and input—so if you're interested in chatting or working together, you can reach her at the links below. Stay tuned for more details as The Revolution Collective project evolves.